Part-Time Roles

Lavender Home Help currently has part-time job opportunities for Home Helps in the Borough of Bromley. Minimum availability required is 12 hours per week and car drivers only.

Working with Lavender Home Help has many benefits:

– Commit to as many hours as you need
– Flexibility to combine work with other employment
– A fulfilling job that enriches the lives of others
– 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave
– Opportunity to meet different people
– To be involved in varied work

In addition, Lavender Home Help has a workplace pension scheme in place – should you have eligible earnings.


L: “I enjoy working as a Home Help because I like to help others and feel like I am making a difference in their lives. Having worked in a corporate office environment for over 20 years I felt a complete change of direction was needed and this job certainly offers me that!

I have been working for Lavender Home Help since November 2013. The job offers me variety and flexibility which is important in maintaining a work/life balance. In particular, Karen is an understanding, considerate employer who works hard not only to ensure her clients’ happiness but also her employees’ happiness. She is always approachable and her caring nature is very evident.”

V: “I like to work as a Home Help because I feel comfortable with the elderly. I like to work for Karen because she is very nice and helpful.”

M: “I like working as a Home Help as I have been fortunate to have met many interesting people who are very appreciative of my help.  I also enjoy the fact that the work is varied and fits in around my own commitments.

I like working with Lavender because Karen is such a supportive and kind person to work for. I always feel I can ask her advice and that she will take on board my suggestions and comments.”

T: “I enjoy working as a Home Help because there is a wide variety of work with the clients I visit and they seem to really appreciate what I do. I also feel I am making a real difference with improving the quality of people’s lives. I also like working for Lavender as Karen has signed up some lovely people and no two visits are ever the same. I can also fit the work in with my other part-time jobs which is ideal from my point of view.”

To request a job application, or for more info –
hone: 020 8166 8082 or