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Deep Clean Services

If a home has spiralled out of control for someone you know, at Lavender Home Help we have the people and experience to help them out of their situation.

Over the years, we have helped dozens of people regain control over their homes, and their lives. We have successfully transformed homes that were cluttered, soiled, and fallen into a bad state of disrepair. It is common for people to contact us to help hoarding parents or other loved ones.

We provide free on-site consultations and quotes, and approach each visit with sensitivity.

Deep Clean Tasks:

  • Handyperson services (repairs, decorating, tiling, flooring etc)
  • Steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and frames
  • Cleaning woodwork
  • Cleaning inside and outside of cupboards and drawers
  • Assistance with clearing extreme clutter
  • Cleaning up after accidents
  • Assisting people to get on top of cleaning that has spiralled out of control
  • Helping to organise a space / items

All these tasks are carried out taking into account the individual needs of the client and showing sensitivity to their particular situation and circumstances. We can work in a team to get through the work needed at top speed or can work one-to-one over a longer period of time. As with all the Home Help services we can work on behalf of the client or if they prefer to be involved we can also work with them.

Call us to discuss how we can assist you, or to arrange a free consultation, with no obligation, on 020 8166 8082.

Deep Clean Before and After Photos

deep clean hoarding help
Bedroom before deep clean
 After deep clean photo

After deep clean
Deep clean before photo Lavender Home Help deep clean services
Bathroom before deep clean
After deep clean


“At a very difficult time for our family, we were recommended to use the services of Lavender Home Help in Bromley, and what an amazing recommendation it turned out to be.

For nearly a week, Lavender Home Help, lead by Karen and Conrad, with dignity and sensitivity, cleared out my brother’s flat, following twenty plus years of extreme hoarding. Having literally spent hours sorting out items for saving and those to be disposed of, the team worked tirelessly and cheerfully despite the dreadful conditions.

Once cleared, which included the removal of a complete kitchen and bathroom, they carried out a thorough deep clean, redecorating the entire flat and then arranged with us to replace both kitchen, bathroom, all the flooring, carpets and laminate, and dealt with the ceiling repairs.

Not once did we have any concerns as to the quality of their worksmanship or dedication to the job in hand. They worked as if they were doing the job for their own homes. Wonderful!

My brother’s flat was left in pristine condition, to which he happily returned, under the very caring, watchful eye of one of Lavender’s care workers, until we sold the property, in order to move him to a more suitable home nearer us.

We could not more highly recommend this company to anyone needing assistance of this sort. Lavender Home Help team is extremely professional, discreet, trustworthy and a wonderfully caring company. Thank you everyone, we are so glad we found you.”

S & C Brittan


Call us to discuss how we can assist you or to arrange a free consultation, with no obligation, on 020 8166 8082. 

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